Mothers’ Day Menu

On Mothers’ Day we’ll be serving from our special set menu. Our Mothers’ Day menu has more choice than ever to ensure your Mum has a great day out.

Your Mothers’ Day celebration at Mamma Mia is great value at just £22.00 per person (£12.00 for children) for three courses from our fabulous menu.

Our Mothers’ Day menu is available between midday and 8:00pm on Sunday 22 March


Mozzarella in Carrozza

Fresh slices of Italian mozzarella deep fried in breadcrumbs, served with a tomato sauce

Funghi All’Aglio

Fresh locally sourced mushrooms cooked in a cream, garlic and parsley sauce. Served with toasted Italian bread

Costine Di Casa (Gluten Free)

Pork ribs cooked in the chefs unique sauce

Cocktail Gamberetti

Baby leaf salad topped with prawns, sliced avocado and Marie Rose sauce

Zuppa del Giorno

Minestrone Italian vegetable soup

Involtino di Salmone

Smoked salmon wrapped round cream cheese sat on a bed of mixed baby leafs

Bruschetta Antonio (Vegan)

Wild mushroom bruschetta with truffle oil glaze

Main courses

Spaghetti Carbonara

With cream, black pepper, ham and besciamella (or the italian way- dry)

Cannelloni di Carne

Pasta filled with minced meat baked with tomato, cheese and besciamella

Orecchiette Alla Pugliese

Orecchiette pasta cooked with italian wild broccoli, garlic, chillies, olive oil and broccoli

Tagliatelle Mamma Mia

An egg based pasta cooked with cream, bolognese, mushrooms and ham

Ravioli all’ astice

Handmade fresh ravioli pasta filled with lobster cooked with mixed shellfish and seafood, cherry tomatoes, pancetta , olive oil and garli in a white wine sauce

Risotto del bosco (Vegan)

Italian arborio rice cooked with porcini mushrooms, cream and topped with crispy leaks

Bistecca Di Manzo

Charcoal grilled sirloin steak cooked to your liking. Accompanied with green beans, thick cut chips and peppercorn sauce

Cod Dolce e Erba Cipollina (Gluten Free)

Fresh fillet of cod cooked in a glaze of honey and chives, accompanied with sautéed broccoli and carrots

Pollo all’ italiana (Gluten Free)

Chicken breast cooked with garlic onions cherry tomatoes and broccoli and a touch of tomato sauce. Accompanied with italian potatoes and carrots


Vegan cheese is available !

Pizza Americana

Neapolitan tomatoes,fior di latte mozzarella, pepperoni and red onions

Pizza Margherita

Neapolitan tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella


Folded pizza .Fior di latte cheese, courgette , olives and mushrooms

Pizza capricciosa

Neapolitan tomatoes fior di latte mozzarella, olives, ham, artichokes, mushrooms


Homemade Tiramisu

The most famous dessert to come out of Italy. A true classic

Torta Di Formaggio

Cheesecake of the day

Torta Al Cioccolato

Warm chocolate fudge cake served with cream, or ice cream

Gelato Misto

Mixed italian ice cream

Frutta mista con biscotti (Vegan)

Mixed fruit crumble

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